Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a means of connecting two or more computers together in a secure manner over a public network. Using a public network means that the costs are shared by many, hence it is more affordable than a dedicated private network. By adding security to a public network you can benefit from the best worlds of low cost and security. VPNs are one of the fastest growing areas of data networks in business today.

A VPN can also be referred to as an extranet, although extranet really means a connection between sites that are far away from each other but does not necessarily mean that security considerations are used.

Public networks by nature carry traffic for many different users simultaneously hence it is a bit like having a conversation in public where anyone who wants to can listen in. The Internet is by far the most common network used today for VPN's and due to its' wide public availability security is a serious issue.

Security of VPNs usually involves encryption of the data that moves between the sites using one or more various protocols, and preventing un-authorised access into the entry point of each site using a mechanism called a firewall.

One of the most common encryption protocols used is IPSecurity (IPSec). This protocol can be used to authenticate and optionally encrypt IP packets. Many hardware vendors now widely support IPSec in their offerings.


Voice VPN solutions are customised for the needs of each customer and each site. Options and features include:

  • Solid state hardware at each site to provide firewall, and data encryption.
  • Solid state hardware at each site to provide firewall, data encryption, and enhanced routing.
  • Managed server with embedded operating system running configurable features such as firewall, data encryption, caching, enhanced traffic control, data shaping, email serving, and email virus filtering.

These services can be used with many of our network technologies such as ISDN, ADSL broadband and analogue dialup, or in a hybrid network.

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