Managed ISDN


Managed ISDN provides multiple channels of 64 kbps between multiple business sites. It nearly always includes Internet access although this is not mandatory. The benefit of being managed is that it provides a turnkey solution of hardware, ISDN connectivity, alarms, support, and Internet access. There are no recurring usage fees, other than any external Internet traffic, as the connection is managed end to end by Voice.

Managed ISDN is ideal for sites that require a dedicated data pipe that is not shared with other public users such as with ADSL and other Internet based VPNs. ISDN also provides exceptional ping time.

Business sites that are not able to have an ADSL connection due to compatibility with their phone line, or the local exchange does not support it can use this Managed ISDN service as an alternative.


  • Managed ISDN connection to each site
  • Managed hardware installed at each site
  • Performance monitoring and alarms
  • Remote disconnection & reconnection for customer requested downtime
  • Internet access options
  • Firewall options

Managed ISDN can be used with many of our other services such as Internet Gateway Server, Virus Filtering, and VPN services.

Please contact our sales desk for further enquiries by email or phone 08 8423 3000.

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