Internet Gateway Server (IGS)


The Voice Internet Gateway Server (IGS) provides a managed point of connection to the Internet for government and business sites. It provides security against external hacking, email viruses and can also provide encryption of data between sites over public networks such as the Internet. Additionally it provide business email functions and incorporates a cashing mechanism to minimise repetitive traffic to the external network or Internet.

The Voice IGS saves time and money in dealing with multiple security and business functions all within the one managed environment. It provides a cost effective alternative to the typical hardware vendor options, and much greater flexibility.

Serviced offices or shared accommodation customers also benefit from the Voice IGS as it provides all the main security and business functions as well as monitoring the traffic to each individual user so that the bill can be apportioned correctly.


The key features include:

  • Internet connection interface (eg ADSL, ISDN, Dialup)
  • Firewall - to protect from external intruders
  • Domain name hosting - host your own domain name (use Voice as secondary host)
  • Email Server - manage your own domain name email accounts
  • Virus security shield with daily updates - essential when running your own email server
  • Reports and statistics - manage your traffic and other activities
  • Caching - reduce repetitive external traffic
  • Data shaping - control usage patterns and/or bursting of various users
  • Data management - measure and report on usage by user
  • Graceful shutdown in the event of prolonged power outage - used in conjunction with an appropriate UPS (uniform power supply)

The Managed Internet Gateway Server (IGS) is deployed on an industrial grade server supplied by Voice and installed on your site. It incorporates an embedded operating system overlaid with internet services functions.

The Voice IGS requires an air conditioned room as for normal computer equipment. It should also have a UPS to provide backup in the event of power outages and also to provide a smooth constant flow of power that is free from fluctuations (eg power spikes).

Voice can also provide additional services to setup or update you local network environment including consultancy, infrastructure design, documentation, Internet access, and installation.

For more information please contact the Voice helpdesk for details specific to your requirements. Either call 08 8423 3000 or email

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