Digital Access


Digital Access provides a range of data network solutions for businesses requiring serious connectivity incorporating high security, high bandwidth and flexibility in design. It includes end to end management of hardware and network elements, thereby empowering our customers to focus on running their business instead of trying to manage connectivity issues. Services start at 64 kbps and generally go to 2 Mbps or higher. Internet access is usually included in the network design and is ideal for either point to point or meshed networks.

Delivery is achieved by a range of technologies including dedicated digital lines in metropolitan Adelaide area, and Frame Relay in most metropolitan and country areas of Australia.

The network topology ensures minimal or nil contention, meaning that the network is not over-subscribed to more users than there is available bandwidth. This ensures a quality connection for businesses that require their bandwidth to be available to them at any time of the day or night.

Digital Access can be used with many of our other services such as Internet Gateway Server, Virus Filtering, and VPN services.

Please contact our sales desk for further enquiries by email or phone 08 8423 3000.

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