Harness the speed and efficiency of SMS messaging

The instant, cost-effective and personalised nature of SMS makes it a highly effective communications tool. With Voice SMS, you can harness the power of SMS for your business. For example, you could use SMS messaging to:

  • Promote sales by informing customers of your latest sales promotions.
  • Increase cash flow by reminding customers of over due accounts.
  • Remind customers of appointments and meetings.
  • Increase customer service by sending automated messages to your support technicians.
  • Automatically provide warning messages, such as security breaches or system problems.

Voice SMS provides you with a wide range of SMS alternatives, ranging from sending a single SMS message from a website, to customised integration with your own software systems. We can also provide the unique feature of secure communication to remote sites so that you can use our gateway with your systems. And you can have even more powerful messaging by combining SMS with fax and voice messaging.

Voice SMS Features

Voice SMS provides you with these powerful SMS features:

  • Individual SMS sending via a browser interface
  • Batch sending of bulk SMS via our custom interface
  • SMS inbound
  • SMS remote activation of systems hosted by Voice
  • SMS alarms on remote systems
  • Secure remote communication to interface with other systems
  • Integrated fax send and fax broadcast functions
  • Integrated voice file dial-out and voicemail sent as email attachment functions

See Messaging and Custom Applications for details on related messaging products.


Please contact our sales desk for further enquiries by email or phone 08 8423 3000.

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