Professional Services

Voice offers a single point of supply for a wide range of technical services as well as professional services. Having a single point of supply is crucial to being able to deliver on the cost forecast, the timeline forecast and to ensuring that the end product works as planned. Additionally, it is highly likely that greater flexibility can be achieved where the various technology components come from one integrated source, thereby offering benefits of being able to work in with your existing environment and sometimes providing higher efficiency.

We have a comprehensive list of Internet and Telephony services (see Products and Services) and our expertise in professional services include the following items. Please do not hesitate to call us for any information about these or any other similar type of service.

Technical Documentation

A successful product relies on many contributions from many different people with different skills. Good documentation is crucial to ensuring that all the stake holders can understand and agree on the process, design, build and implementation of any project.

Our documentation services are provided in conjunction with Jensen Documentation. We draw on our combined business knowledge of appreciating how the end users will interface with the end product, as well as how well the product is described. Your documents will be what your customers judge your product on at first or second impression. This includes your internal as well as external customers.

See Documentation Services for further details or contact us via email to or phone 08 8423 3000.

Infrastructure Consultancy

Voice maintains a position of independence to carriers for network design to ensure that we are free to pick and choose the best of breed for each particular situation.

Voice also offers professional technical consultancy services through Slade Consultancy which may be used in isolation to the products and services that we offer. Slade Consultancy services have true independence.

These consultancy services include:-

  • IT Infrastructure and Service reviews
  • Project Management - Infrastructure development and Implementations
  • Account Management - IT Engineering and business customer interface
  • Business/IT strategy development
  • Customer liaison - Service provision and problem management
  • Sales support - Developing IT solutions to meet a customer service requests
  • Workstation image development, deployment and management
  • Team leadership - management and mentoring
  • Hardware and software procurement - Acquisition planning and evaluation
  • Technical documentation design and development

Website Design

Your website is one of the most visible and accessible places that your prospective customers will judge your business by. The first and second impression that visitors to your website experience will impact on whether they choose to make serious contact with you.

If you are serious about your business then we urge you to be serious about your website design. For example; most visitors will leave a site as soon as they arrived if they cannot find the information that they want quickly, thereby missing a sales opportunity.

At Voice we will introduce you to professional and dedicated website designers experienced in a wide range of industries. They will listen to your needs, offer suggestions, show examples and then build a solution within your budget and timeline.

Please contact us on or call our helpdesk on 1300 309 319.


Voice provides internal cabling services for telephone and data networks.

All work is carried out to industry standards. Each delivery point is tested and certified by on-site technicians prior to handover to the customer.

Work can include the supply and installation of Routers, Switches, and Hubs, or carried out in conjunction with other vendors such as suppliers of PABX equipment.

Voice can also include services such as ADSL Broadband, Virus Filtering, Virtual Private Networks and more (see Products and Services).

Most of this work is customised and quoted on a site by site basis. Please contact us on or call our helpdesk on 1300 309 319.

Custom Applications

Voice is well positioned to provide a customised solution for your business from its existing tightly integrated Internet-Telephony infrastructure.

This infrastructure enables the delivery of powerful services without the need for you to make major investments in equipment, technical staff, or support staff, thereby preserving your capital outlay plus operating expenses.

Integrated infrastructure also means that new services can offer great flexibility and reduce your time to market which are equally important in the competitive business environment today.

Customised services may include practically any web-data-voice type of technology, and perhaps including other features such as credit card payment facility, data encryption, authentication and firewall to just name a few.

Voice the company has a high work ethic and 'can-do' culture. We enjoy a challenge and welcome your enquiry.

Please contact us on or call our helpdesk on 1300 309 319.

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