Virtual Phone & Fax

Virtual Fax

  • A dedicated fax number you can use and advertise.
  • Fax messages are sent to you as an email attachment so that you can print out, store, or forward to another email address.
  • Avoids having to tie up a phone line while waiting to receive a fax; can save on line rental fees.
  • Your faxes will follow you to wherever you can access your email; eg when you are at work or away from your main office. You can always receive that important faxed order, or signed contract, anywhere, anytime.
  • Control Panel - a private web page where you can change the preferences such as the email address of where the fax messages are sent, review the activity, and more.

Virtual Phone

  • A dedicated phone number you can use and advertise.
  • Sequential phone and fax numbers to help enhance your professional image.
  • Call Announcement - provides a short message or special tone to give you key information about the call before the caller is connected to you.
  • Call Acceptance - you can press # to accept the call, or redirect it to another number or to Voicemail.
  • Voicemail - you can retrieve messages by dialling in or you can receive them automatically by email and play them on your PC (saves message retrieval costs).
  • Your Control Panel - is a private web page where you can change the preferences such as number to forward calls to, email address that Voicemails are sent to, time of day filtering criteria, review the activity, and more.


You can add other services to your business such as ADSL broadband, dialup internet, virus and spam filtering (see product overview).

Example Situations

Here are some example situations where our customers benefit from these services:

Example: Telecommuting

Most of the Australian work force spends much time each day commuting to and from the office. If this time could be converted into time spent with customers instead then significant productivity gains can be achieved.

Our Voice Virtual phone and fax services enable workers to work from home or from any other location. It also provides a professional image of a business presence yet without the high costs that are associated with a traditional office. You can reduce your office overheads, reduce travel costs, and convert time previously spent commuting into more productive activities.

Virtual Office services are customisable and can include a Virtual Business Manager to take your calls when you are not available. We provide you with dedicated phone and fax numbers that will follow you around from place to place. Documents such as signed contracts or purchase orders that normally arrive by fax can be automatically forwarded to you by email. Phone calls can be redirected to your mobile, your home phone, or to another office and we provide a 'Call Announcement' facility that tells you what the call is about before you speak with the caller. Calls can go to Voicemail which can be collected anytime, or we forward the Voicemail to you as an email attachment. We can incorporate SMS to give you updates on important matters. These are just some of the ways that people are taking advantage of telecommuting with our Virtual Office service.

Example: Support desk

A business provides a support desk for their customers. The support staff require calls to be delivered to their mobile or home phone so that they can be doing other things while on standby. The challenge is that they have different skills and different knowledge about customers. The Voice Virtual Office addresses this with the enhanced dial out feature.

When a support call is initiated, a call is sent to the first support engineer where a call announcement is made, asking them to press # to accept the call; however for whatever reason (many possibilities) this person does not press # to accept the call, then the service will try the next number in the list, and so on, until the call is accepted. This ensures that the support call is handled and not left in a messaging queue somewhere.

SMS messaging and email status reports can also be incorporated here so that certain situations will trigger an action. For example the team leader can receive an SMS so that he or she knows who has accepted the call, and then when the task has been completed. SMS messages can also be auto-sent to give your customers a status update.

Preferences can be changed as required. Add a new user, change a mobile number, change the time of day trigger mechanism, etc.


Virtual phone services can be customised as and where required.

For any further information or pricing please call our sales line on 08 8423 3000, or send us an email to

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