Business executives send and receive approximately 200 messages per day, including a mix of email, voicemail, fax and SMS. More time is spent managing these messages than tending to mission-critical tasks. The difference between business success and failure can be a company's ability to handle these different customer interactions in a timely and professional manner.

Voice Messaging addresses this by offering highly flexible business solutions. The intention is to automate processes as much as possible to improve the time efficiency for your staff so that they can be freed up to focus on important customer interaction tasks.

This flexibility is made possible by our tightly integrated functions of Internet, voice, fax, and SMS.

Fax ~ Internet

Fax to Internet

The Voice Fax Messaging system can be used to receive fax messages and then convert them into electronic formats.

  • Includes a dedicated fax number to receive faxes on, called a V-Fax number.
  • Receive your fax messages as an email attachment in tif or pdf formats. Attachments can be printed out, viewed on the computer screen, or forwarded to another email address.
  • Avoids having to tie up a phone line while waiting to receive a fax.
  • Your faxes will follow you to wherever you can access your email; eg when you are at work or away from your main office. You can always receive that important faxed order, or signed contract, anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple parties can share the same V-Fax number and the emails can be sent to a group list, or dispatched in a customised distribution method (eg by geographical area from where the fax originated from).

Internet to Fax

The Voice Fax Messaging system can be used to activate a fax message to be sent. Applications include:

  • A Web site form is completed by visitors (eg a shopping cart), and when submitted it activates a fax to be sent. Ideal for blue collar or shop environments where staff are too busy or not able to receive sales orders by other means; the fax simply arrives at their fax machine in hard copy for them to act on.
  • Computer systems can send messages to the Voice fax messaging service which can turn the message (data) into a fax and dispatch the fax for you. Ideal for where multiple parties need to be faxed in a very short time (fax broadcast).

Voice ~ Internet

Voice to Internet

The Voice Messaging system can be used to manage voice calls and to convert voice messages into electronic formats. Applications include:

  • A dedicated phone number, called V-Phone, you can use and advertise
  • Call Announcement - provides a short message or special tone to give you key information about the call before the caller is connected to you
  • Call announcements can collect and 'speak' specific information about the caller; such as the status of their account, the geographical area they are calling from, and more
  • Call Acceptance - you can have option to press # to accept the call, or redirect it to another number or to Voicemail
  • Calls can be recorded like a Voicemail system, and then forwarded to you as an email attachment.

Internet to Voice

The Voice Messaging system can be used to convert data into synthesised (computer generated) speech which can then be used in situations such as:

  • A web form on a web site can accept text which is then converted into computer generated speech files.
  • A computer system generates a system file which needs to be sent to a recipient and played over the phone, automatically without human intervention any time of the day or night.
  • Speech files can be dialled out to support engineers(for example) to give them specific information on a task.

SMS ~ Internet

SMS Send

Use Voice SMS Messaging to send an SMS to enable other services to activate, such as:

  • Send a message to a computer system to update an important record, or stop a computer process. Send another SMS to re-start a computer process
  • Send an SMS to trigger a mechanism to facilities that are connected to a computer system; for example shut off a control valve or turn off / on a remote power source
  • Send an SMS to a support system that in turn generates an email list to be sent to support engineers to attend to a task.

SMS Receive

Use Voice SMS Messaging to receive important messages to one or more mobile phones simultaneously, such as:

  • Web site has a form that is completed by visitors, and when submitted it activates an SMS to be sent. Ideal for web based support desks where the support engineers are working from remote locations or on stand by after hours.
  • Use SMS to notify you when an important fax is received on your Voice V-Fax service.
  • Computer systems can generate messages that Voice will convert into an SMS message and dispatch it for you. One message can be broadcast to multiple mobile phones.
  • A batch file with multiple different messages can be broadcast to multiple mobile phones


Please contact our sales desk for more information on this or any other service. Other similar products include IVR, SMS, and Custom Applications.

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