IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service is designed to reduce the costs of labour, increase operations efficiency, and improve the service that your customers experience when they call. It can also interact with other systems and use this to provide real time information to callers.

An IVR service provides a greeting to a caller then prompts them to press a number for a particular service; basically an electronic menu. Calls can be filtered by time of day, product type, the area the call is from, and many other factors. It can provide information to callers, and/or collect information from them. An IVR service is a combination of an auto-attendant, a sales assistant, an information bureau, and an after hours service desk.

The Voice model is to provide these services on a virtual (also know as hosted) basis, thereby avoiding our customers having to invest capital to purchase the equipment, as well as the operating costs to support it. Our model is to run the equipment and services from our site and support it from our base of highly skilled technicians. This avoids our customers having to pay for large upfront ongoing costs.

Voice IVR services are tightly integrated with our internet and messaging infrastructure which provides opportunities to provide you with additional functionality. Your business solution may be limited more by imagination than by our technical capability.


The Voice IVR service is rich in functions and flexibility. This flexibility provides opportunities for customised services and we welcome any challenge. The key functions include:

  • Greetings - Provide various greetings to callers, have different ones for different times of the day or for calls from different locations
  • Call Menu - ask the caller to press numbers to gain certain responses
  • Information Services - provide information to the caller that is sourced from data that may reside with our equipment or at remote site
  • Send Information - caller can enter a fax number and it will fax back the relevant information sheets
  • Record and forward - record messages left by callers and then forward them by email to designated recipient
  • Triggers - certain instances can be designed to trigger an activity such as send an SMS to an after hours technician. Other situations could be to transfer the caller out to another number, and even play various announcements to the caller and to the call recipient.


These are just some samples of the features available; however please contact our sales desk for more information on this or any other service. Our other similar products include Messaging, SMS, and Custom Applications.

Email: sales@voice.net.au, Phone: 08 8423 3000.

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