Why Use Voice Internet?

Concern: Recent survey conducted by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) showed an increase in dissatisfaction with the overall service provided by Internet service providers from 10% in 2001 to 12% in 2002 for small business, and from 5% to 15% in same period for household users. (ACA Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2002, Special report No 12, November 2002.)

Answer: At Voice we treat our customers with respect. We provide a very fast internet service as we have spent much effort in providing a robust reliable service, and we do not throttle back your connection speed. You will find our help desk an enjoyable experience and our services of great value. See what some of our customers have to say in Testimonials.

More Answers: Voice also offers a wide range of services so that you can integrate or customise them to suit your particular needs, thereby avoid having to deal with multiple providers and trying to get them to agree on the end solution. Our wide range of services are provided out of our tightly integrated, unique infrastructure. This enables flexibility to give you what you want whether it is a standard internet service or something that requires additional features to help you save time and money, or create market differentiation.

The Voice environment has very fast Internet access, high speed diverse paths into key network backbones, power backup and use of high quality equipment to provide a complete service of high reliability and performance. This positions us to be able to sustain good prices and service to you over the longer term. We're here to help you and we're here to stay.

Voice Adelaide Network Access Point Environment

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