Standard Features and charges

Hosting Product Summary
Base Features Included **Home Base Economy Business Business Plus Platinum Platinum Plus
DNS Hosting (includes one DNS) N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Email Exchange Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Email Addresses 2 4 10 20 30 50 80
Storage MB 5 10 20 70 100 200 500
Data Transfer (MB per month) 50 100 500 750 1000 1500 2000
Standard CGI Scripts (public) N N Y Y Y Y Y
Custom CGI Scripts N N N N Y Y Y
Web form for email list N N Y Y Y Y Y
Front Page Extensions N N Y Y Y Y Y
Database Support N N N N Y Y Y
SSL Support N N N Y Y Y Y
Statistics & Reporting N N Y Y Y Y Y
FTP upload - Anonymous N N N N N Y Y
FTP upload - Private Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fee - Monthly (billed quarterly or annually) $5.50 $27 $35 $49.50 $66 $79 $189
Fee - Quarterly $17 $81 $105 $149 $198 $237 $567
Fee - Annually $66 $308 $399 $564 $752 $901 $2,155
Setup Fee (once off) $22 $44 $44 $99 $99 $99 $99

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Optional Features & Surcharges

Optional Add-on Features & Surcharges
Feature Price per month
Additional email addresses $2 each
Virus & Spam email filtering on additional email addresses $3 each
Block of 25 email addresses with virus & spam filtering $75
Block of 50 email addresses with virus & spam filtering $140
Block of 100 email addresses with virus & spam filtering $250
Storage used above the allocated amount 50c per MB
Add 50MB of storage (available to Economy and above plan options) $15
Data transferred above the allocated amount 18c per MB
Web-form for fax sending (other fees apply to international & mobile) $5 plus $1 per one page fax
Web-form for SMS sending (Australian GSM mobiles) $5 plus 20c per SMS
Web-form premium (multi-messaging) Custom, please enquire
SQL Database - standard $12
SQL Database - premium $24
SSL key using $15
SSL key using a specific domain $36
Authentication $4

Optional add-on features are shown here as a monthly fee, however are billed in the same billing cycle as your main hosting services. All prices include GST.

To apply for Web Hosting service, download these forms and follow instructions


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