Standard ADSL Broadband

Broadband Internet provides significantly faster Internet access than is available through a traditional 56kbps dialup modem over a standard telephone line. Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) broadband provides an extremely fast internet connection using a standard telephone line. You can make phone calls on the same line at same time as using the internet without effecting performance of either service.

Please also see our Business ADSL Broadband options.

Standard ADSL Features

  • Always-on connection. No dialling and no call costs.
  • Simultaneous use of your phone while connected to the Internet
  • Dynamic or static IP address options
  • All plans include up to five email addresses
  • Any operating system that provides PPPoE is supported
  • Standard ADSL is available in most city and regional centres in South Australia and Northern Territory
  • Free virus & spam filtering for up to four email addresses 

Standard ADSL Broadband Prices for Metro Adelaide areas

Standard ADSL Broadband Product Summary
Max Rate Speed
(download/upload Kbps)
Monthly Fee
Monthly Usage
Allowance (MB)
Rate per excess MB
(after allowance)
We are currently updating our website. In the interrim please contact us for pricing information.
Static IP address $6.60 per month
Virus & Spam Filter Included at no additional charge for up to 5 email addresses
Installation Voice ADSL services are provided as 'self install' and include free phone and email support for installation related issues.
On-site Installation
On-site installation service is available for $90 and includes:
  • Configuration and installation of ADSL hardware on-site, Adelaide metro area
  • Setup of up to 5 clients
  • Maximum on-site time of 1 hour. Additional time charged at $90 per hour or part thereof.
Service Bundling Sign up for other Voice services such as virtual phone and virtual fax and receive a 5% discount on the total bill.

All prices include GST

Other details

  • For areas outside Adelaide metro but within 165km, add $10 per month to each plan price.
  • For areas over 165km from Adelaide but within SA & NT, add $25 per month to each plan price.
  • $149 connection fee applies to all new connections.
  • $2 per month for each additional email address
  • $5 per month for each additional email address with virus & spam filtering

Hardware Options

Hardware Options
Equipment Description $
Billion 5102S ADSL2/2+ Modem Router, basic firewall, ethernet & USB $69
Billion Bipac 7202 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Modem Router $89
Billion Bipac 7402L 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Modem Router with QoS, SPI Firewall $189
Billion Bipac 7402R2 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Modem Router with QoS, VPN, 3DES Accelerator, SPI Firewall $229
Billion Bipac 7202GR2 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Wireless Modem Router with 802.11g $169
Billion Bipac 7402GL 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Wireless Modem Router with QoS & 802.11g $239
Billion Bipac 7402G 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Wireless Modem Router with QoS, VPN, 3DES Accelerator & 802.11g $299
  Note: All routers include a single ADSL filter  
ADSL Line Filter To provide filtered voice for an individual phone handset $25
ADSL Line Splitter - Socket Type Central line splitter - socket fittings $35
ADSL Line Splitter - Wired Central line splitter - hard wired $35 (plus installation)

Modems, Filters & Splitters

See our help section on these items, or call our helpdesk.

Virus & Spam Filter

Filters your email 'before' it reaches you thereby saving you time and effort when using the Internet. Our equipment filters are updated at least every day to provide you with the best possible protection. This saves you time and money in having to purchase and continually update your own virus filter, plus Voice provides the added bonus of filtering spam as well.

Virtual Fax (v-fax)

Provides you with a dedicated number for incoming faxes, thereby always having a fax line available to receive a fax; any time of the day or night. Faxes are sent to you as an email attachment, and viewed in the standard Microsoft desktop environment.

This is ideal for small business, home office, or running a business on the side of your day job. Can direct the v-fax emails to go to any email address, such as the one you use at work during the day then change it back to another email address at night. (also see virtual office for details on our other similar services)

Transferring from another Internet provider (ADSL users)

If you want to move to Voice ADSL Broadband Internet service and have an email address with another Internet provider, we can assist you with the transition to Voice and with changing your email address. Our offer includes:

  • We set up a new Voice email account for you to use immediately - it is important to start using it and giving the new details to your contacts
  • We set up a new ADSL account so that you can also start benefiting from the Voice Internet access service straight away
  • We will collect your email from your old email account with your previous Internet provider for up to three months. It is important that you retain your email account with your previous provider during this period. You may be able to select a very low usage plan with them to just maintain it for this short transition period
  • You just pay your normal ADSL access fees quarterly to Voice in advance. Requires a valid ongoing credit card payment facility being in place with Voice.
  • How to apply? Include your relevant details in the 'transfer' section on the standard application form for dialup internet services.

To apply for Standard ADSL Broadband Internet service, download these forms and follow instructions


Other similar products include VPNs, Managed ISDN, Internet Gateway Server and Analog Dialup.

Please contact our sales desk for further enquiries by email or phone 08 8423 3000.

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