ADSL Hardware Options

Hardware options

Our standard offering is the Netcomm NB1300 modem plus USB cable and filter. This package is suitable most users and sites regardless of whether you want to use the USB or the Ethernet connection method.

The NB 1300 is fully compatible with the ADSL networks and has great flexibility. It can be deployed in special situations such as when using a Static IP address and bridging. It also has a web interface for configuring the service and port forwarding for remote service.


You can make phone calls on your ADSL connection at the same time as using the internet, however this requires a filter to filter out the frequency (noise) used by the ADSL. The filter is simply plugged between the phone wall socket and the phone handset. data traffic.

A filter separates voice, fax and standard dial-up modem data from the ADSL digital data and is required on each phone or other telephony device attached to your Broadband ADSL phone line. We include one free filter with the Netcomm NB1300 modem package. You can purchase additional filters or splitters by selecting a hardware option on your sign-up sheet or calling the Voice help desk.

Line Splitters

Line Splitters (also known as central filters) perform much the same task as filters, however they split the phone line into separate filtered phone (voice) branches and ADSL (data) branches. Accordingly, if you have several phones on one line, you can either use a separate filter for each phone, or you can connect several phones to a single line splitter.

Voice offers two Line Splitter options - socket splitters, or wired splitters.

A socket splitter is much like a filter because you simply connect it to the, but splits the line into a separate phone branch and a separate ADSL branch. You can then connect as many phones as you like to the phone branch, without the need for additional splitters.

A wired splitter is more suited to business sites where the phone lines are hard wired into a distribution frame (MDF). This splitter does not have sockets, instead it has small terminals to wire the splitter to the phone cable system. It splits the phone line before it enters into your house, so that you have separate cables for ADSL and phone devices. It requires a professional installation, whereas filters or socket splitters are simply plugged into your existing sockets.

Other situations where a wired splitter is required include:

  • where you have a monitored security alarm on the nominated Broadband ADSL line.

  • Where you have four or more telephony devices (phone, fax or dial-up modems) on the nominated Broadband ADSL line. This is because a high number of phone devices on the one filter circuit can cause excessive resistance which interferes with the phone signal.


Voice offer a wide range of hardware options. Please refer to ADSL Hardware Options  or call the help desk on 1300 309 319

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