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FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. So, if you don't ask, we can't answer! If you can think of any questions that you would like answered and that others might also like answered, send your FAQ request to As time (and knowledge allows), we will post selected FAQs and responses here.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol used to carry sensitive data such as credit card details in a safe manner over the internet. If you want your customers to purchase items via your website (for example, a Shopping Cart) then you will require our SSL option. When a visitor to your website selects to buy something, the website will initiate an SSL session with that visitor so that the subsequent communications are encrypted in a secure manner, enabling the visitor to enter sensitive things like their credit cards details and gain a transaction receipt number back. When the relevant secure communications have been completed, the website will revert back to the standard non-secure mode. Visitors are always given a warning notification that they are entering or leaving an SSL session.

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