ADSL Settings


What is ADSL and how does it work?

Voice ADSL broadband Internet access gives you lightning-quick Internet access without the need for a separate phone line.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) uses your existing telephone line by splitting the signal into two channels, one used for voice communications and the other used for the high-speed data connection. It delivers Internet access at much higher speeds than a conventional 56k modem-between 5 and 25 times faster. And while online, you can still use your phone.

How do I set up my Voice ADSL connection?

Setting up your Voice ADSL connection is easy, because we provide you with a pre-configured modem - all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on!
You will have immediate Internet access because with ADSL there is no need to dial up. As long as your ADSL modem is turned on and plugged connected, your internet connection is always on.

A typical home or small office ADSL configuration includes an ADSL modem connected to your computer with an ethernet card or USB cable, and one or more filters.  Filters fit between a telephone cord and the telephone, and are required to filter out the frequency (noise) used by the ADSL data traffic.

A typical corporate ADSL office is similar, but connects through an ethernet connection and ethernet switch.

ADSL Settings

Even though in most cases your ADSL modem comes pre-configured you will still need to setup your email client to connect to the Voice mail servers.

For specific instructions on setting up your email client, see our Email Setup page.

Setting Value
Incoming mail (POP3 or HTTP)
Incoming mail (IMAP)
Outgoing mail (SMTP)
ADSL Modem Settings VPI = 8,  VCI = 35,  Encapsulation = RFC 2516, Protocol = PPPoE, Modulation = G.Dmt
WAN IP Address Network Assigned - Dynamic or Static depending on your service type

Hardware options

Our standard offering is the Netcomm NB1300 modem/router including a USB cable and inline filter. This package is suitable most users and sites regardless of whether you want to connect via Ethernet or USB.

Voice also offers alternative hardware options, including additional filters. For details see our ADSL Hardware Options page.

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