About Voice

Voice Pty Ltd (Voice) is a provider of premium Internet and telephony services. Our promise is to deliver services that offer high quality, flexibility, and great value.

Whether you are a government organisation, large business, small business, business telecommuter, small office/home office, running a business on the side, or a consumer interested in value we can provide you with communications solutions that will save you time and money.

We have developed a unique technology of tightly integrated Internet and Telephony infrastructure, thereby being able to deliver services that are powerful, flexible, and highly efficient. These services are provided on a hosted (also known as virtual) basis thereby providing our customers with access to enabling technology without the capital expense.

This unique flexibility empowers our customers to introduce market differentiation into their business. Market differentiation is a key driver in protecting yourself from competitors and in generating new revenue opportunities.

Our highly efficient environment provides cost savings to us and to our customers alike so that cost control is sustainable in the long term.


The products offered by Voice include:

  • Voice Office a virtual office front for your business in Australia or overseas
  • Internet access, including dialup, ISDN and ADSL broadband
  • KidSafe Email - protects your children from email viruses and 'all' unsolicited email.
  • Web hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Virtual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services
  • Messaging
    • Virtual fax (fax to email/web & email/web to fax) services
    • Voicemail and voice to email/web services
    • Mobile SMS applications send a message or customise a service
  • Internet Gateway Server providing internet access, firewall, virus filtering, caching, email server, and more.
  • Incident Management System - .
  • Incident Management System - software and harware solution to enable helpdeks to manage and track support enquiries.
  • Virus and spam email filtering protect yourself
  • Managed outbound ISDN data services
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • PayByPhone - a credit card payment gateway assessable over the Internet or telephone
  • Custom Internet and telephony applications
  • Professional services
    • Technical documentation writing
    • Network consultancy
    • Web site design
    • Voice and data cabling

Market Positioning

Market research has shown that the number of people requiring converged Internet-telephony services is predicted to outgrow the total number of small and home business in Australia. Voice is well positioned to deliver this requirement from its unique technology of tightly integrated Internet and Telephony infrastructure, and its efficient operations.

Our focus is to empower individuals and business entities alike with a wide range of powerful technologies from a single and integrated provider.

Whether you are looking for a simple Internet service or a complex customised service, we are able to deliver our promise of high quality, flexibility, and great value.

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